Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi! After nearly a year of final adjustments, copy-editing, and production work at the Press, the book Analytic Combinatorics eventually became available in January 2009. Cambridge University Press has done a great job and our editor, David Tranah, was a great help, throughout the whole process.

I'd like to remind everybody that, thanks to a special arrangement with CUP, we, authors, retain the non-exclusive copyright of the electronic edition. Thus, the manuscript continues to be freely available to individual users from the authors' home pages.

I plan to maintain a page with some goodies at the book's URL, from which the entire text (about 13MB in PDF) can be downloaded.

In this blog, I hope to report on new results relative to analytic combinatorics, possibly discuss the choice of topics in the book and/or stories. Comments are also most welcome regarding the contents of the book and possible mistakes or oversights--we hope to have a new edition out some time in the future. It'd be nice also, if people who teach from the book were kind enough to drop a line here, possibly with a pointer to their home/course page.

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darijgrinberg said...

Chapeau for putting this great book online! Here is a mistake (kind of) and a question. Both refer to the proof of Theorem B.2 on page 749.

First, the mistake: You say that if h = f + g (or h = fg), then VS(delta* h) is included in the direct sum VS(delta* f) (+) VS(delta* g) (respectively, the tensor product VS(delta* f) (X) VS(delta* g)). There are indeed such inclusions, but no canonical ones; instead, VS(delta* h) is canonically included in the sum (not always direct, but always a quotient of the direct sum) VS(delta* f) + VS(delta* g) (respectively, the product (not always the tensor product, but always a quotient of the tensor product) VS (delta* f) VS (delta* g).
The question: how exactly do you show that the Hadamard product is holonomic? I am stuck at "and then a single P-recurrence can be obtained".

Oh, one minor typo by the way: On page 18, in formula (3), the B and the C should be calligraphic on the right hand side.